Questions & Answers: Nutrition Consultations

What is a nutrition consultation? I get asked about it a lot! Hence, I decided to do a blog post and answer your most commonly asked questions.

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How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

 A healthy balanced diet is vital to maintain good health and wellbeing. However, quality sleep, stress management, and regular physical activity are equally important.

What inspired you to start your own business?

 I wanted to help more people and reach those lacking weight management services. When the pandemic happened, the patients that I used to see face to face at the GP practices could no longer attend my sessions due to Covid-19 restrictions. This issue made me think and inspired to start my own online nutrition business. Since then, I have been working online and providing virtual consultations for UK and international clients.

What do you love most about your job?

 I love working with people. I feel very honoured that I can help someone improve their health and well-being through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Why should I choose you?

 If you want to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to manage your health and wellbeing, I can support you. I take a holistic approach and use psychological coaching strategies, to empower my clients to make positive lifestyle changes.

What is a nutrition consultation?

It is a consultation where I discuss with clients their health goals, eating habits, their lifestyle, and current challenges. During this session, I provide clients with education, and nutrition advice and help them create a plan tailored to their lifestyle to support their behaviour change.

How many consultations will I require?

 That depends on you and your health-related goals. Let’s say you are looking to change your health behaviour. Some habits like drinking water can take 6 days to become a habit whereas exercise can take over 250 days to become a habit. If your new health behaviour takes longer to become a habit, you may need longer-term support to go through your health journey.

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Can you provide your services online?

Yes, I offer virtual consultations via Zoom, Skype, email, Google Meet, and phone.

 How do I book a nutrition consultation?

Go to Creative Nutritionist’s online booking page to book your nutrition consultation now

If there are any questions, that I did not cover in this post, please comment below.

2 thoughts on “Questions & Answers: Nutrition Consultations

  1. Thanks for pointing out that there are different paces in which a healthy habit could be made. I’m interested in knowing more about nutrition consultation services because I noticed that my metabolism has slowed down a lot lately. Some lifestyle changes will surely have to be done in order to adapt to that.

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  2. That is interesting! You are probably wondering how to fix a slow metabolism. Metabolism plays an importnat role in our body.
    Please, do get in touch. I would love to support you with your lifestyle changes.


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