About Me


My name is Patrycja Tobolska and I am a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) specialising in obesity and weight management, behaviour change, and health improvement. I have a degree in Human Nutrition and an MSc in Obesity and Weight Management from the University of South Wales. I also hold a diploma in Dietetics.

10 + years of experience

My clinical training began in Poland, where in 2007 I studied dietetics and was placed in the hospital to experience a dietitian’s role. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the different nutrition challenges patients face in hospital settings. While studying for my BSc in Human Nutrition in the UK, I volunteered at the NHS and various community settings in Greater Manchester. I gained valuable experience and skills in supporting adults during their weight loss and behaviour change journeys. After graduation, I worked at the Manchester Metropolitan University where I developed knowledge and experience in sustainable behaviour change and sustainable food standards. Then, I moved to Cambridge and worked at Addenbrooke’s Hospital for several years, assisting patients with oral nutrition support and weight gain. I have been always interested in obesity and weight loss, but at that point, I was confident that I would like to specialise in this area. I obtained my postgraduate qualifications and I graduated with a distinction in Obesity and Weight Management. I run and delivered evidence-based specialist weight management services (including Tier 3) in different community settings in Essex and Cambridgeshire. My experience includes working with children, parents, and adults. After I moved to the University of Cambridge to develop skills in clinical research in the field of diabetes and obesity in pregnancy. Since 2021, I have been running my online nutrition clinic.

What do I do?

I support clients to follow a healthier lifestyle and make sustainable changes in life. I do not tell clients what to do, nor do I not offer quick fixes, fads, or crash diets. In my clinic, I help my clients develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their health and wellbeing.

How is my service different?

I take a holistic approach and use psychological coaching strategies, such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) principles, and goal setting, to empower my clients to make positive lifestyle changes.

Is my service evidence-based?

As an evidence-based nutritionist, I am committed to using the best available nutrition evidence while working with clients. I love learning, I regularly attend CPD sessions, go to talks and attend various courses to stay up to date in nutrition. Also, as a Registered Nutritionist, I adhere to the AfN Standards of Ethics, Conduct, and Performance. I am committed to practise safely, effectively, appropriately and in the best interest of the public.

How can I help you?

Book a free 15-minute Discovery Call to discuss your health goals with me today.

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